About JAG Resources

Founded in 2001, JAG Resources has developed and maintained strong working relationships with major organizations within the tower industry. We strive to be the best telecommunication tower service company and provide high-quality work performed by professional, knowledgeable, and well-trained employees. As a family-owned and operated company, JAG Resources places an importance on relationships not just with other organizations, but with our team members, friends, and family. We make a successful work-life balance a top priority, which enables our entire team to thrive and perform well.

Our Leadership

Sarah King is the Chief Executive Officer and 100% Owner of JAG Resources, Inc. She works with tower industry leaders to provide services that are efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective. Drawing on her 15 years of telecommunication industry experience, Sarah knows that providing skilled, safe professionals and building trust and partnerships with clients is key to accomplishing a job well done. Sarah constantly looks for ways to enhance JAG's solid reputation as an industry-leading service provider. She is an OSHA Outreach Trainer, a member of Women of NATE, and serves on NATE's Member Services Committee.