TIA Inspections

TIA Inspections

Tower inspections are vital to ensure that carriers and tower owners are getting the biggest return on their investment and can feel assured the towers are being maintained for optimal operation, safety, and structural integrity.

What We Do

JAG Resources mobile inspection crews service the entire country (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) throughout the entire year. In conjunction with basic TIA and other inspections, all crews are trained to perform maintenance and other tasks while onsite. Examples include:
  • Basic repairs
  • Rust treatment and prevention
  • Guy wire tensioning
  • Appurtenance audits
  • Coax mapping
  • Mount mapping*
  • Additional special projects
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Highly Trained Crews

A JAG Resources crew may be hired to perform mount mapping without additional site work required. All JAG Resources climbers are Competent Climber and Competent Rescuer certified through Comtrain or Safety LMS, receive OSHA 10 training, are CPR/First Aid certified through EMS Safety, and attend continuing education courses.